Above: Defensive Driving – Blue Light Training For Those that Operate in Remote Areas


We offer a range of other courses including:

Defensive Driver Training for Tour Operators
Tour operator drivers are expected to drive long distances  between destinations. Its imperative to keep  your clients, your driver and your vehicle safe on the roads. In addition to duty of care, accidents can severely impact the name and reputation of your company. This course teaches defensive driver training as it relates to challenges of safari driving, both on and off road.

Blue Light Training
We can deliver bespoke defensive driver training for blue light drivers (ambulance or fire crews) that gives them skills they need whether they spend most of their time on tarmac roads or for those operating in remote areas.

Self Defence While Mobile
Research shows that you are very vulnerable leaving and returning to your vehicle. Many attacks happen at this time. Attacks while in your vehicle are also common. These attacks often happen when you’re most vulnerable, such as being stuck in traffic jams, sitting at a red light, and similar. Unfortunately it’s not just you that is at risk during an attack. Your boss, your wife, your children and any other passengers can become victims of this violent crime.

Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving has recognised this risk, and now offers an exclusive Self Defence While Mobile “add on” course that can make a difference to their already popular 5-Day Security Course and the 5-Day Armoured Vehicle course.

This four-hour program is designed for professional security drivers, executive chauffeurs and protection specialists looking to develop and improve upon their existing skills.